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Screenshot_2013-04-06-11-55-04Screenshot_2013-04-06-11-56-26Screenshot_2013-04-06-11-56-00For the 1st time, I managed to see cute chubby Sean on his mother’s lap in his dad’s car after a year his mom ordered fullmoon packages from me. Apperently, he just woke up when i touched his cute tiny hand and was probably surprised to see me! Eunice Ooi ordered the Special Agent OSO number 1 cake together with 50 buttercookies. Eunice told me that Sean kept looking and smilling at the Special Agent OSO cake in the car. I am happy that I can put a smile in that child’s face, hahaha…She told they loved the yummy chocolate moist cake 🙂 Well, I hope to see them again and again and hope that Sean will grow up to be a fine young man someday 🙂