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My competition cake in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. It’s a wedding peacock cake and was even featured in Shaadi magazine 2010.

21 thoughts on “Cakes Gallery”

  1. Hi there,
    I’m wondering if u can quote me the price of the cupcakes that I would like to order:
    My Baby Boy Full moon Cupcakes, prefer 9/12/16pcs per box,would like to order about 12boxes. Can u pls quote me this and if possible can show me the design + packing as well?


  2. I would like to order my baby full moon cupcakes. Can I have the price list ?I would like to order 20 pcs per box (1 box) and 5 boxes of 4cupcakes package. Thanks

    • Hi Kalyn,
      Thanks for your interest in jocakes fullmoon packages. Below are the quotations for your fullmoon packages.
      2 cupcakes only in a box is RM16.00.
      2 cupcakes with 2 red eggs in a box is RM18.00.
      4 cupcakes in a box is RM28.00.
      4 cupcakes with 2 red eggs in a box is RM30.00.

      Buy 15 boxes get 1 box free.
      All boxes come with nice packaging and baby announcement tag.

      Each standard cupcake with baby design is RM7.00.
      For further inquiry, please contact me at 0123681287.
      Thank you.


  3. Hi, i would like to order 15sets of 4pcs cupcakes with 2eggs for my baby boy’s full moon on 19th January, could u please send some picture samples to my email and quote the price as well ? thanks alot.

    • Hi Yan,
      Price for 2 cupcakes with 2 red eggs in a box is RM19.00.
      Price for 4 cupcakes with 2 red eggs in a box is RM30.00.
      Buy 15 sets get 1 sets FOC.
      For sample of picture, please go to and click on FULLMOON category.
      Kindly book asap for your order. Thank you.
      You may whatsapp me for your inquiry at 0123681287.
      Thank you.


  4. Hi, I would like to order 1set of 12pcs hello kitty cupcakes. Can you email me your design and the price. Thanks.

  5. vasunthir devi said:

    I would like to check the price for a Minnie mouse cake of 2kg. Choc flavor.


  6. Laihoong said:

    Hi, could you pls quote for a 2kg moist chocolate cake with Barney & friends. It’s for baby’s 1 yr old birthday. Thanks.

  7. Hi, I wan to know do you have the Barney and friends cartoon cake?
    I wan bought for my daughter 2 years old birthday on January..

  8. Thomas cake

  9. Wen li said:

    Hi can you quote me cartoon design birthday cake for 1 yr old baby, event date is on 24 of May, about 20 serving

    • Hi Wen Li,
      Can I know what cartoon design your baby girl or boy likes?
      It can be Mickey n minnie , Hello Kitty, Barney or giraffe etc…
      Pls whatsapp me at 0123681287 for your order. Tq

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